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Mindy & The Good Vibes Society

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a party, where all the men are dressed in smart fitted suites and the ladies are dancing around in gorgeous elegant dresses. Drinks are poorer aplenty and the dance floor is packed with people enjoying the beautiful live music from a 9-piece band featuring on a stylish decorated stage.

Vintage Party

Meet ‘Mindy & The Good Vibes Society’ a 9-piece band who play songs of the past as well as new songs, from the current charts. With their classy vintage look this band has got what it takes to provide an entertaining evening, packed with beautiful music.

On stage, lead singer Mindy, with her magical voice, is joined by a (nearly) all men band, existing of a great horn section, backing vocalist, key player, guitar player, bass player en rytm section. They’re all dressed for the occasion and dance along effortlessly, setting the ‘Good Vibes Scene’

Many contemporary artists, like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake & Joss Stone are inspired by old dancing music. Hits from these artists are a great part of the repertoire of Mindy & The Good Vibes Society.

A show from ‘Mindy & The Good Vibes Society’ will guarantee an evening of great entertainment with lots of dancing and sing-alongs. They will make sure your party is not only about having some music on stage, they’ll create an unforgettable vintage event, that you and your guests will remember for a long time!

Leading Lady of our Society, Mindy. A adventurous lady with a passion for music and entertaining. With her inexhaustible enthusiasm and powerfull voice she will deliver a festive evening!

Bob plays the keys and composes songs for The Society. But don’t be shocked if at some point during the evening he’ll grab a mic and gives away a killer rap!

Maurits Malherbe

Maurits is our bass-player and Society DJ. His catchy cheerfulness guarantees to get anybody to the dance floor! As well as playing his ‘normal’ bass, he could also appear on stage with a mind blowing double bass.

Benjamin, the youngest of the bunch, plays the guitar! Time flies when you’re having fun, and Benny is always in for a good party.

Bert and percussion are an inseparable combination! Give him any random object and he will magically create a delightful beat.

David plays the trumpet, with a specialty in ‘funky stuff’. A perfect contribution to the Society!

Patrick is our saxophonist. Always ready for a party and he’s not afraid to show it with a dance on stage!


Jeroen is our Society Drummer. From behind his beautiful drum set, he oversees the band’s activities and steers the evening to new heights!

Nikky sings backing and lead with The Society. With her sparkling appearance, smooth moves and lovely voice she conquers everyone’s heart!

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Closer to the flame

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